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What is the scientific method?
Students will begin the lab by speaking about taste and how taste is determined. They will be asked the following questions: What types of tastes can you think about? How do you think we taste those different flavors? What type of taste do you think most people prefer? Why do you think that taste is the most popular? What taste do you prefer? What is your favorite food and what taste is associated with that food? Why do you think that is your preference? Can you give examples of foods that are salty, sweet, bitter and sour?
The students will then study the anatomy of the tongue and will use toothpicks to determine where those particular tastes are best detected. The toothpicks will be dipped in ingredients that are salty, sweet, bitter and sour and they will place them on different parts of their tongue.
The experiment will need to be summarized using the scientific method. The laboratory report in high school includes an introduction, a problem, a hypothesis, procedure/materials, data/observations, results with analysis questions, and a conclusion. Students will need to do their own research in order to complete their lab report. The introduction is a paragraph discussing background information that relates to the experiment. They need to provide information about the topic (they will find this information by doing research) and will also include personal experiences and discussion from class. The problem is written in the form of a question and the hypothesis is an educated guess. The procedure/materials will be listed. It’s not written in paragraph form but in list form. Students will be encouraged to include graphs and tables. The results will analyze the question posed at the beginning of the report and the conclusion is written as a sort of summary and addresses the problem and hypothesis written at the beginning of the report. Students will also be encouraged to include how they think there could be further research into the topic.

Nov 8, 2021 06:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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